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MLS Western Conference Finals

Posted in Dynamo with tags , , , , on November 13, 2009 by geojock

Houston. LA. Donovan. Beckham. Holden. Clark. Ching.
It’s going to be a classic!

A few videos to prepare you for the game.

Top 10 Dynamo Playoff Moments.

Dynamo/Galaxy 2007 at HDC

Dynamo/Galaxy 2007 in Houston

Dynamo/Galaxy 2008 at HDC

Dynamo/Galaxy 2008 in Houston

Dynamo/Galaxy 2009 at HDC

Dynamo/Galaxy 2009 in Houston

In case you forgot how we got here.


MLS restrictions kill teams in CONCACAF

Posted in Dynamo with tags , , , , on September 17, 2009 by geojock

Another CONCACAF loss for the Houston Dynamo playing against all odds.  Do we really expect the Dynamo to win considering they are:

  • -playing at perhaps the toughest atmosphere they will see all season
  • -playing perhaps the most talented lineup they will see all season
  • -handicapped by MLS’ roster restrictions

You cannot change the fact that the Dynamo are playing Mexican heavyweights, Pachuca in Mexico, but what about the roster restrictions?

On Wednesday, the Dynamo were not even able to fill an 18 man roster.  They traveled with 17 players and it gets worse. Dom Kinnear even brought three keepers including his #3 man, Tyler Deric.  If you are counting at home, that’s 14 field players.  Also consider that the Dynamo’s only unused sub was Eddie Robinson who’s been on the DL the entire season.  So now that’s 13, but that’s enough to play AND have three subs, right?  That’s well and good for you city league, but not for a professional team playing in its continent’s championship.

Let look at who played.  The Dynamo were able to start five regular starters in Bobby Boswell, Geoff Cameron, Brad Davis, Wade Barrett, and Brian Ching as well as sub in two others, Brian Mullan and Cam Weaver.  The real drop off comes with the two other players who started, John Michael Hayden and Erik Ustruck.  Both are development players.  Ustruck has logged a whopping 40 min. in MLS this season and Hayden has yet to see the field.  Nothing against these guys, but it’s tough to get your feet wet against Pachuca in Mexico.  These factors plus playing with 10 men after Dominic Oduro was sent off in the first half, had the Dynamo literally walking all over the field late in the game.  With less than 10 min. remaining, they were actually holding the ball (down 2-0), wasting time in their on end.  They just wanted the game to end as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is that the MLS roster restrictions are ridiculous.  To put a team in this situation in a continental championship is absurd.  It makes the team look bad, but more importantly it makes the league look bad.  I understand the salary cap and think it’s necessary but it could be raised a bit.  My problem is with the roster restrictions.  Why be so restrictive on the number of players when you already have a salary cap?  Two additional players could have made a big difference this game and this season for the Dynamo.

MLS Supporters’ Shield

Posted in Dynamo with tags , , , , , , on September 10, 2009 by geojock

I used a super secret mathematical formula to figure out who has the best chance at the Supporters’ Shield.
1. LA – Notes:  They have 4 home games total 2 vs easy teams,  1 vs medium and 1 vs hard.

2. Dynamo – Notes: 3 homes games, 1 vs easy 1 vs medium 1 vs hard.

3. Crew – Notes: 4 home games, All are hard (no wonder they are undefeated at home… they haven’t played Houston, LA, Seattle or New England).

4. New England – Notes: By far the hardest road despite games in hand. They still have Chivas, Seattle, Chicago, Columbus(x2).

MLS on National TV

Posted in Dynamo, US Soccer with tags , on August 16, 2009 by geojock

So I summarized all MLS games on ‘National TV’.  This includes ESPN, Fox Soccer, and TeleFutura.

NAME National TV Games Media Market Rank
Chicago Fire 15 3
LA Galaxy 15 2
New York Red Bulls 13 1
D.C. United 12 7
Houston Dynamo 12 11
Chivas USA 11 2
Columbus Crew 10 34
San Jose Earthquakes 8 4
FC Dallas 7 6
Seattle Sounders FC 7 13
Colorado Rapids 6 18
Kansas City Wizards 6 27
New England Revolution 6 8
Real Salt Lake 2 30

You can draw you own conclusions, but it looks like MLS has a decent formula of team quality and market size.  Hate to see a team like NYRB get 13 games, but hey, they are in New York.


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