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Pachuca @ Houston Dynamo – Rivarly Continues

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On Wednesday, September 30 the Houston Dynamo will meet Pachuca for the 6th time since 2007.

MLSNet has put together a nice video of the teams’ history against one another.

For more read on here.

The game will be on FSC and Galavision.


MLS restrictions kill teams in CONCACAF

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Another CONCACAF loss for the Houston Dynamo playing against all odds.  Do we really expect the Dynamo to win considering they are:

  • -playing at perhaps the toughest atmosphere they will see all season
  • -playing perhaps the most talented lineup they will see all season
  • -handicapped by MLS’ roster restrictions

You cannot change the fact that the Dynamo are playing Mexican heavyweights, Pachuca in Mexico, but what about the roster restrictions?

On Wednesday, the Dynamo were not even able to fill an 18 man roster.  They traveled with 17 players and it gets worse. Dom Kinnear even brought three keepers including his #3 man, Tyler Deric.  If you are counting at home, that’s 14 field players.  Also consider that the Dynamo’s only unused sub was Eddie Robinson who’s been on the DL the entire season.  So now that’s 13, but that’s enough to play AND have three subs, right?  That’s well and good for you city league, but not for a professional team playing in its continent’s championship.

Let look at who played.  The Dynamo were able to start five regular starters in Bobby Boswell, Geoff Cameron, Brad Davis, Wade Barrett, and Brian Ching as well as sub in two others, Brian Mullan and Cam Weaver.  The real drop off comes with the two other players who started, John Michael Hayden and Erik Ustruck.  Both are development players.  Ustruck has logged a whopping 40 min. in MLS this season and Hayden has yet to see the field.  Nothing against these guys, but it’s tough to get your feet wet against Pachuca in Mexico.  These factors plus playing with 10 men after Dominic Oduro was sent off in the first half, had the Dynamo literally walking all over the field late in the game.  With less than 10 min. remaining, they were actually holding the ball (down 2-0), wasting time in their on end.  They just wanted the game to end as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is that the MLS roster restrictions are ridiculous.  To put a team in this situation in a continental championship is absurd.  It makes the team look bad, but more importantly it makes the league look bad.  I understand the salary cap and think it’s necessary but it could be raised a bit.  My problem is with the roster restrictions.  Why be so restrictive on the number of players when you already have a salary cap?  Two additional players could have made a big difference this game and this season for the Dynamo.

Houston Dynamo/Arabe Unido – A Step Backward for CONCACAF

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(concacaf, 09)

(concacaf, 09)

I have always been a fan of international competitions like CONCACAF and Superliga.  The games give the fan a chance to see new teams from other leagues.  It’s an opportunity to compare your team to teams from other countries.  It is something unique in American sports.  That being said, the game I watched between the Houston Dynamo and Arabe Unido was ridiculous.  There is bad officiating, then there is something on a whole other level.  In Panama on Wednesday night it was as bad as I have ever seen.

If you watched the game, you don’t need me to tell you about the officiating.  Heck, just look at the box score.  11 yellow cards, 5 ejections.  Three cards were handed out in the first 11 minutes.  Arabe Unido came out with aggressive tackles from all angles and ridiculous dives when challenged.

Corey Ashe was ejected for something that no one saw and it took 5 minutes to figure it out.  Stuart Holden was booked twice within 30 seconds for dissent and ejected.  That was a first for me.  Not to mention he had the captain’s armband which makes the dissent call even more interesting.  Andrew Hanault was given his second yellow on a play that wasn’t even a foul more-less as card.

Bottom line; the game was a circus, was very disheartening, and quite a turnoff.

Interesting enough, the referee Neal Brizan was officiating his fourth Dynamo game in two years.  I don’t recall him being bad previously, but he was horrible on Wednesday night.  He does seem to be a little trigger happy, averaging almost 7 yellows a game and 7 ejections in his last two matches.

Trip Down Memory Lane

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After watching parts of the Superliga final this week, it got me thinking about the Houston Dynamo losing in the final in 2008. Then I realized the entire 2008 Dynamo season was all about highs and lows.

In 2008 the Dynamo:

-Advanced to the final of the Pan Pacific Championship –but lost to Gamba Osaka.

-Advanced to the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup – but lost to Saprissa.

-Advanced to the final of Superliga by beating rival Pachuca- but lost to New England (PKs).

-Became on of the first MLS team ever to get a point in Mexico City with a 4-4 thriller against Pumas-but lost to Pumas at home.

-Advanced to the quarterfinals of CONCACAF Champions League-but failed to win group.

-Won the MLS Western Conference-but fell 6 point shy of the hardware (Supporters Shield).

-Won the MLS reserve title- but MLS promptly canceled the reserve league.

-Hosted a playoff game in front of 30,000+ people for the 3rd straight time – but lost to New York Red Bulls.

-Played an unprecedented 56 games in 2008 (not including reserve games) – but failed to come home with any hardware.

What will 2009 hold? The Dynamo have already lost after advancing to knockout stages of both tournaments this year. Lets hope the MLS playoffs are different. Oh, and how bout winning that supporters shield as well as beating Pachuca and wining the Champions League group??

Pachuca Qualifies for Group Stage in a BIG Way

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Pachuca has advanced to the group stage of the CONCACAF Champions League with a 7 – 1 road win at Estadio Las Flores in Jalapa, Guatemala. Pachuca wins on a 10-1 aggregate.  I caught some of the game and Jalapa showed a ton of effort and energy for a team that was completely outmatch. Pachuca, however, showed us again, why they have been the most successful team in Mexico recently.

The win places Pachuca in Group A which includes the Houston Dynamo. The two teams have matched up three times in the past three years for a total of 4 games. Only D.C. United has faced a Mexican team (Chivas) more times (plus 9 extra years).
Here’s the history:

03/15/07 – CONCACAF Champions Cup – Dynamo Win First Leg

04/05/07 – CONCACAF Champions Cup – Pachuca wins in extra time.

08/14/07 -Superliga- Dynamo go down in PKs

07/29/08 – Superliga – Dynamo win outright for the first time

Mark you calendars.
09/16 – Wednesday at Estadio Hidalgo,
09/30 – Wednesday at home