Thumbs Up for Landin

nbrooks 2009

Rock on! (nbrooks, 2009)

The Houston Dynamo finally got their man.  On their third try, the Houston Dynamo signed Mexican forward Luis Angel Landín as the club’s first designated player.  The move was made easier thanks to Landin’s lack off recent success and playing time at Cruz Azul.

What does this mean for the Dynamo and MLS?

The Dynamo already share the league’s best record and #1 defense.  Assuming they gel, the addition of a quality forward next to Brian Ching adds some great depth and firepower.

Speaking of gelling, Landin has been accused of having an ego, yet Dom Kinnear really likes this kid.  We will see if he can work his magic.

A lot of people are getting worked up about his DP tag, but this is misleading because he is on loan.  Financials have not been disclosed, but we know that the DP money is a mix of the loan and salary.  So it’s not like the kid is getting $1 million from the Dynamo, he’s just getting what he got in Cruz Azul.

But regardless, why does he have to be a world class player (or washed up world class player) to be a DP?  The Dynamo have a DP spot that they have never used, so why no use it on a young guy that they like.  So what if he is not the class of other DPs in the league.  Dynamo have always said they wanted a DP on their own terms.

It’s simple, the Dynamo are a better team with Landin than without.  The fact is, the Dynamo don’t need (or want) a Beckham or Lumberg or Blanco.  They don’t need a star they just need another forward and they got one.  If the Dynamo win the MLS Cup, does it matter if they win it with Landin or Kaka?


2 Responses to “Thumbs Up for Landin”

  1. Rexian Army Says:

    It was great to see Landin in his first appearance for the Dynamo last night. He got a fantastic reception from the fans. I won’t draw any conclusions from his limited minutes in one game, but from what I saw he seemed to have a good touch and looked to create every time he got the ball. I’m excited to see how he fits into the Dynamo squad, and the league. It does matter if the Dynamo win with Landin or Kaka, because with Kaka they would be doing it in a full stadium, and in front of a world audience, but I’m not complaining. By the way, go to YouTube and search for Luis Landin to see one of the most spectacular goals in recent memory.

  2. Landin seems to struggle in MLS. I am not sure that Kamara isnt a better option.

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