Win the crowd, Win the game.

It is game day folks. USA vs Mexico. 3PM CST on Mun2.

There has been talk about the altitude, the smog, and the new found youth of Mexico. I want to talk about he fans at Azteca. Everyone knows how they can make the game tough for opponents.

Mexican fans, however, have no problem expressing their displeasure with their home side. The key for the USA is to make Mexico look bad for their fans. That doesn’t necessarily mean scoring early goals, but ball control. Not easy to do versus Mexico.

The Gold Cup win eased up a little pressure from Mexico, but if Mexico looks bad early, the fans could change just as they did in 1997. Nothing helps more than 105k fans booing the home team. How about Mexicans ‘ole’ing for the USA? It’s happened before and the USA got away with their only point ever that day.


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