Trip Down Memory Lane

After watching parts of the Superliga final this week, it got me thinking about the Houston Dynamo losing in the final in 2008. Then I realized the entire 2008 Dynamo season was all about highs and lows.

In 2008 the Dynamo:

-Advanced to the final of the Pan Pacific Championship –but lost to Gamba Osaka.

-Advanced to the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup – but lost to Saprissa.

-Advanced to the final of Superliga by beating rival Pachuca- but lost to New England (PKs).

-Became on of the first MLS team ever to get a point in Mexico City with a 4-4 thriller against Pumas-but lost to Pumas at home.

-Advanced to the quarterfinals of CONCACAF Champions League-but failed to win group.

-Won the MLS Western Conference-but fell 6 point shy of the hardware (Supporters Shield).

-Won the MLS reserve title- but MLS promptly canceled the reserve league.

-Hosted a playoff game in front of 30,000+ people for the 3rd straight time – but lost to New York Red Bulls.

-Played an unprecedented 56 games in 2008 (not including reserve games) – but failed to come home with any hardware.

What will 2009 hold? The Dynamo have already lost after advancing to knockout stages of both tournaments this year. Lets hope the MLS playoffs are different. Oh, and how bout winning that supporters shield as well as beating Pachuca and wining the Champions League group??


2 Responses to “Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. Rexian Army Says:

    Hopefully in 2009 the Dynamo will win a trophy or 2. I think that the Supporter’s Shield is under-rated in the MLS. In most other leagues the best record in the season is the league champion. The playoff system seems like a concession to the American fan who expects the season to end in a playoff. As more of a football purist, I think that league record should decide who the best team of the season was. If the MLS could adopt a single table and play each team twice it would be even more meaningful.

    • I agree, the Supporter’s Shield would be great. In my mind it would be almost as good as winning the MLS Cup. Heck, we already have two MLS Cups, how many do you need? Thanks for the comments.

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