Dynamo Continue Slump

The Houston Dynamo dropped another game late, falling 1-0 to the New England Revolution in the 76th min. The Dynamo had 17 shots and 8 on goal, compared to NE’s 11 and 5. Despite having more shots and losing, it was a fair result; NE had plenty of chances and right-back Hainault lead the Dynamo will shots on target if that tells you anything.

At first I was critical of Geoff Cameron’s position at attacking mid. He did not seem to be effective in his role. Don’t get me wrong, Cameron has an impact on the game no matter what position he’s playing, but I continually saw forward Kei Karmara receiving the ball where Cameron should be receiving it. Cameron should be there, receiving those balls and feeding them to our forwards. But whatever, its a big jump from a defensive minded position to an offensive one.

I did finally realize that moving Cameron from center back to attack mid wasn’t a bad choice from Dominic Kinnear, it was his only choice. With Stuart Holden, Brian Mullan, and Richard Mulrooney unavailable, Kinnear’s only other option was to start MLS rookie and 19 year old Danny Cruz (thus bumping Corey Ashe to LM, Brad Davis to CM, and Cameron to CB). Don’t get me wrong, Cruz has looked good (and looked good tonight), but I’m not sure here’s ready for a full 90.

I really don’t wanna make more excuses, but it has been a tough stretch. Considering that tonight, the only players left on the Dynamo bench were an injured player, the reserve keeper and two development players, I guess a loss at home is a little more bearable.


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