Mexico, You’re Better Than This

As a kid growing up watching soccer I always found myself rooting for Mexico.  I don’t know whether it was the influence of my Mexican friends, or just that Mexico was good so who else would I root for in the knockout rounds of the World Cup.  I have had good times partying with Mexico fans.

USA and Mexico Party Peacefully

In the past few years, however, Mexico and its fans have begun to rub me the wrong way.  Maybe it’s because my team (and Mexico’s chief rival), the U.S. of A., is actually competitive.  Maybe it’s the now infamous Mexicans like Oswaldo Sanchez (swipe at Eddie Johnson; one of the most blatant dirty plays I have seen in a long time) Javier Aguirre (Panama kick), Paco Ramirez (Frankie Hejduk tunnel assault).
Maybe it’s the fans.  Panama vs Mexico in Houston was a mad house.  Fights in the stands, throwing things, you name it.  I was one of those who thought that the ref let everything get out hand and I know from personal experience that Reliant is always understaffed for soccer games.  I tried to take the blame off the fans for their behavior.

But then came Mexico vs Costa Rica.  Again, Costa Rican players were hit by thrown objects.  Hit me with a bottle once, shame on you; hit me with a bottle twice, shame on me.

Sorry Mexico, I no longer have your back.


One Response to “Mexico, You’re Better Than This”

  1. **** you, *****, This is how we do it, *****. Each of these stadiums is our house. It’s just us defending our house. 12th man. We’re not gonna let anyone beat us on our turf. So **** you and keep on rooting the Tri

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