Dynamo Fail to Make Open Cup Final, Again

For the third straight year, 90+ is needed to eliminate the Dynamo from the US Open Cup.  In a rough affair, the Dynamo concede a late goal and one more in extra time to lose to Seattle.  It is their second loss in 10 days to the Sounders.  The Dynamo were heavily criticized for their ‘stall tactics.’  I honestly believe that the Dynamo were not looking to waste time, but rather, the limited roster and long road trip finally caught up.

True, the Dynamo have performed admirable in the last month with a limited roster, on the road, and on bad turf.  They have endured call-ups, injuries, suspension, bad calls.. you name it, but I’m still tired of the excuses.  The Dynamo haven’t look good in weeks.

The question is, will the return of our stars really put this team back in the form we had in May?  Remember it took two months to get the chemistry we needed to go on that unbeaten run. How long will it take this time?

Don’t forget our toughest stretch last year came with the CONCACAF group play, and we haven’t even started that yet. Anyone remember 4 countries, 4 games in 13 days?

P.S.  I am also a little disappointed that Dominic Kinnear chose to start a younger lineup despite the likes of Ricardo Clark and Geoff Cameron being available.  I figured first loss to Seattle would motivate him to give us a stronger lineup.


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