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Dynamo Rumors

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Lots of Dynamo rumors flying out there.
-Joseph Ngwneyu wants to come back to MLS. Dynamo own his rights. Chris Canetti said on Glenn Davis show that an offer is on the table for Ngwenyu.
-Italian Serie A team Livorno looking at Rico Clark. Chris Canetti said initial offer was not acceptable.
Injury Update.
-Pat Onstad out of All Star game with back strain.
-Richard Mullrooney out for the rest of the season with knee injury.
-Brian Mullan out at least 3-4 weeks.


Dynamo Continue Slump

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The Houston Dynamo dropped another game late, falling 1-0 to the New England Revolution in the 76th min. The Dynamo had 17 shots and 8 on goal, compared to NE’s 11 and 5. Despite having more shots and losing, it was a fair result; NE had plenty of chances and right-back Hainault lead the Dynamo will shots on target if that tells you anything.

At first I was critical of Geoff Cameron’s position at attacking mid. He did not seem to be effective in his role. Don’t get me wrong, Cameron has an impact on the game no matter what position he’s playing, but I continually saw forward Kei Karmara receiving the ball where Cameron should be receiving it. Cameron should be there, receiving those balls and feeding them to our forwards. But whatever, its a big jump from a defensive minded position to an offensive one.

I did finally realize that moving Cameron from center back to attack mid wasn’t a bad choice from Dominic Kinnear, it was his only choice. With Stuart Holden, Brian Mullan, and Richard Mulrooney unavailable, Kinnear’s only other option was to start MLS rookie and 19 year old Danny Cruz (thus bumping Corey Ashe to LM, Brad Davis to CM, and Cameron to CB). Don’t get me wrong, Cruz has looked good (and looked good tonight), but I’m not sure here’s ready for a full 90.

I really don’t wanna make more excuses, but it has been a tough stretch. Considering that tonight, the only players left on the Dynamo bench were an injured player, the reserve keeper and two development players, I guess a loss at home is a little more bearable.

Mexico, You’re Better Than This

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As a kid growing up watching soccer I always found myself rooting for Mexico.  I don’t know whether it was the influence of my Mexican friends, or just that Mexico was good so who else would I root for in the knockout rounds of the World Cup.  I have had good times partying with Mexico fans.

USA and Mexico Party Peacefully

In the past few years, however, Mexico and its fans have begun to rub me the wrong way.  Maybe it’s because my team (and Mexico’s chief rival), the U.S. of A., is actually competitive.  Maybe it’s the now infamous Mexicans like Oswaldo Sanchez (swipe at Eddie Johnson; one of the most blatant dirty plays I have seen in a long time) Javier Aguirre (Panama kick), Paco Ramirez (Frankie Hejduk tunnel assault).
Maybe it’s the fans.  Panama vs Mexico in Houston was a mad house.  Fights in the stands, throwing things, you name it.  I was one of those who thought that the ref let everything get out hand and I know from personal experience that Reliant is always understaffed for soccer games.  I tried to take the blame off the fans for their behavior.

But then came Mexico vs Costa Rica.  Again, Costa Rican players were hit by thrown objects.  Hit me with a bottle once, shame on you; hit me with a bottle twice, shame on me.

Sorry Mexico, I no longer have your back.

Dynamo Fail to Make Open Cup Final, Again

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For the third straight year, 90+ is needed to eliminate the Dynamo from the US Open Cup.  In a rough affair, the Dynamo concede a late goal and one more in extra time to lose to Seattle.  It is their second loss in 10 days to the Sounders.  The Dynamo were heavily criticized for their ‘stall tactics.’  I honestly believe that the Dynamo were not looking to waste time, but rather, the limited roster and long road trip finally caught up.

True, the Dynamo have performed admirable in the last month with a limited roster, on the road, and on bad turf.  They have endured call-ups, injuries, suspension, bad calls.. you name it, but I’m still tired of the excuses.  The Dynamo haven’t look good in weeks.

The question is, will the return of our stars really put this team back in the form we had in May?  Remember it took two months to get the chemistry we needed to go on that unbeaten run. How long will it take this time?

Don’t forget our toughest stretch last year came with the CONCACAF group play, and we haven’t even started that yet. Anyone remember 4 countries, 4 games in 13 days?

P.S.  I am also a little disappointed that Dominic Kinnear chose to start a younger lineup despite the likes of Ricardo Clark and Geoff Cameron being available.  I figured first loss to Seattle would motivate him to give us a stronger lineup.

Telemundo won’t give up English Rights for USMNT vs Mexico

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Did you enjoy the USA National Team’s run in the Confederations Cup?  Are you looking forward to the USA’s toughest match of the year, versus Mexico in Mexico City?  Well have fun watching on Telemundo in Spanish or Mun2 in English.  Yeah, no Fox Soccer Channel, no ESPN.

Much has already been written so I won’t go on.  I just wanted to give it some pub. on my widely read and massively influential blog.

You can’t tell me there won’t be a big audience for this.  The first leg of the qualifier shattered TV view records and this was before the USA’s performance and hype after the Confed. Cup.

Want to read more details, please visit the above link.

Does the US Open Cup now matter?

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It seems like only a few weeks ago MLS fans were discussing the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and its lack of support.  After four USL teams advanced over MLS teams in Round 3, the theme of “we didn’t try because we don’t care” returned to MLS chatter.  In the quarterfinals, the MLS was undefeated (besides KC who played MLS Seattle) and opinion seems to have changed a bit.

It’s the first MLS majority semifinals since 2006.  Are those in the MLS, (fans, coaches, and players) finally making a statement that they are better than USL and DO care about Open Cup?  Are they tired of hearing of USL success in the Open Cup and CONCACAF Champions League?

I believe it has nothing to do with the USL, but because traditional MLS heavyweights Houston Dynamo, DC United and upstarts Seattle Sounders were the three to advance.  Houston, who hasn’t made any serious bids to host Cup matches, has now stated that they would like to throw their name in the hat to host the final.

Houston is particularly interested in their semifinal matchup because it is a chance to settle the score in Seattle.  The Dynamo would love to get revenge for last Saturday when it felt like the world was against them.

Heck, maybe it’s just the matchups that are exciting and not the Open Cup itself.  Or maybe it’s just me that’s excited.  Anyhow, I can’t wait to watch the games next week.  Go Dynamo.

Dynamo Lose, USA Tie, Holden Becomes A Star

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Despite all the good excuses the Dynamo have for losing, they still lost.  I know they were out 5 regulars, playing on turf, and were the victim of horrible call, but the Dynamo still leave Seattle with zero points.  Maybe the worst of it all, Patrick Ianni scored.
The USMNT didn’t look that impressive, but the Gold Cup has made Stuart Holden a star.  I have always loved the guy but thought he was a little overhyped; I know now that he’s the real deal. In the words of Boobie Miles: “Now hype is something that’s not for real. I’m all real.”